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Mini TTS Larut Malam @ Restoren Nasi Lemak Sri Has, Klang

TayarGolek.Com Monday, July 27, 2009
I just went back from Mini TTS @ Sri Has. I called it “Larut Malam“ is because the time to meet up is start at 11.30pm..almost Mid Nite lor! \
Since Sim unable to join, us, so only me and Griffin was there.
Surprisingly, Bro Griffin is a doctor at one of the private clinics in Shah Alam..what I told him, “this is my 1st time I got a fren called “the doctor is a biker..!”..caya lah!!
So after this, I should go to his clinic if myself & family not feeling well..hahaha.
About the TTS, a lot of things we chit-chat..we talking about the bikes, rides experiences, an accessories on his bike like helmet including Bluetooth communications, GPS, Arrows slip on exhaust..windshield,side box, custom padding jacket+back protector..
Unfortunately, I have forgotten to take the photo..I really missed it. Never mind, I’ll show you  next time when I meet him.
To Griffin aka Dr.Rohan..Thanks  a lot for joining the TTS and pay me for Nasi Lemak & Nescafe Tarik.
Hoping that you could join for the next TTS/ride with others FERNO’s frens.
Nice to meet you bro…


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